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Past and Current Trends Paper

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Past and Current Trends Paper

An issue in the United States that is an increasing problem is drugs. Currently the abuses of prescription drugs are increasing at large rates in every age group. Drug usages are not only a health problem to the user, but also affect society in many ways. In the past alcohol was considered an illegal substance, but is currently approved in the American culture for ages 21 and older. Drugs have always been present within societies in the past and currently. The trends of the drug usage may change but the outcome is always the same. Since the American culture has been using narcotics for medical purposes, the support and encourage of certain drugs are increasing.

A popular drug from Amphetamine was first made in 1887, and was common use in the medical society in the early 1920s. During this time Amphetamine was used to raise blood pressure, stimulate the nervous system, and increase nasal passages. Several years later the drug was found over the counter in forms of inhalers, and led to the abuse of the drug. During World War II, the soldiers used Amphetamines to decrease depression, increase endurance, and decrease fatigue. In the 1950s injection of methamphetamines started, and became popular in the 1960s. Public awareness of amphetamines in the 1970s decreased the usage of the drug, but in the 1990s the drug became popular once again in a form called ice. Ice is when the methamphetamine is crystallized, and in smoking form. In modern society methamphetamine are often used by athletes to increase performance. Methamphetamine is also seen used by truck drivers, and students who need assistance to be awake for long hours at a time (WGBH education foundation, 2008).

In the American culture drug usage is supported and encouraged in many ways. It has been known that individual’s have used alcohol for many centuries (Caroll, 2009). Almost every culture has experienced drinking alcohol phenomenon. Individuals tend to like


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