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Object Relations: Case Study

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This paper will emphasize the case conceptualization and treatment planning as it concerns the client. The client's case history this will give a foundation that affords the reader a better overview and details of the client as well as the theories that would most be effective in addressing presenting issues and concerns. The details and discussion as it pertains to the client's presenting problems will give a basis for the hypothesis regarding such problems. The hypothesis that is developed as a result of the information obtained and discussed aids in the exploration and application of the Object Relations Theory as it relates to the client's concerns. The full development and examination during the case conceptualization will assist in the development of realistic and obtainable goals and a practice of intervention that benefit the client in reaching their goals for healing and health, cognitively and emotionally.

Key words: cognitively, conceptualization, presenting issues, hypothesis

Object Relations Case Study: Case Conceptualization

Theories are not all the same; just as people and the issues and concerns that they face will not all be the same. This is why in counseling it is imperative to properly evaluate an individual and the possible theories that can be utilized to treat them. An attitude of "One theory fits all," can be destructive and a deterrent to health, healing and a successful plan of action. The intent of this paper is to show forth the proper application and utilization of the documentation and case conceptualization and the utilization of the Object Relations Theory as it concerns this particular client and her presenting concerns. According to Butman and Jones "the main determinant of personality is presumed to be the internalized images that we carry within us of the primary relational figures in our past ("objects" such as mother and father). Personality is then understood primarily in terms of the relationships among and characteristics of these internalized "objects". These internal images or objects then are the primary psychic structures, replacing id, ego and superego. The interrelations of the objects create our psychological drives rather than them welling up from the id," (2011, p.137).

Dominique the client, will have portions of her case summary included to provide a clear view of the nature of the foundational issues and presenting problems that have lead us to this case conceptualization and treatment plan that will be further outlined. The treatment plan will outline goals that we have for the counseling process, intervention practices if any will be made use of and specific approaches that can facilitate identification, responsibility and accountability


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