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Intro to Clinical Practice

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Shelly Withrow

Intro to Clinical Practice

I developed my personal model of helping from my life experiences and other people's experiences around me. Viewing other people's afflictions from an outside, rational point of view has helped me to, not only understand a little bit of how people think, but to realize things about myself.

My View of Helping Others

I definitely believe in Carl Rogers' theory that a counselor should have unconditional positive regard for his or her client. I think that a person cannot help an individual unless they see them in a positive light without judgment. I think that it is important for a counselor to be in the moment with their client and show them by nodding his or her head and using facial gestures that let the client know that the counselor is hanging on to every word. I think that a client comes to therapy to be heard and to feel that what he or she has to say is utterly vital and necessary. I believe that a person's childhood has a lot to do with why they think the way they do. I think that I would probably let a client say all they needed to say about their childhood then after that not let it take over the conversations further. I think that people generally blame their childhood on why they have issues so I would let them discuss it once then move on because it cannot be changed so there is no reason to dwell on it. Helping individual takes hard work, determination, honesty, and principles. All of these things are just a start at being an effective counselor. Initially if helping people blindsided and not knowing how to effectively help them can be disruptive in the process of them healing.

Non-verbal communication is key when working with clients. If a counselor seems uninterested and upset while in a session with a client, the client is then less likely to feel comfortable and open up with the counselor. Counselors are looked at as individuals that give nonjudgmental feelings towards a client. Having warmth with a client shows trust and provides them the comfort of knowing that they can still be liked even despite their own individuality. Acceptance in this way is often shown through non-verbal communication with a client.

Some ways that I have had experience in helping was staying with my Great-Grandmother, having an elderly neighbor, and helping with my Grandmother now. When I was younger in my teens I would help my Grandmother out by sitting with my Great-Grandmother. I would go sit with her and just talk or listen to her stories. I would often go out after school and fix her supper, give her medication and put her to bed, and of course I would stay the night. As my Grandmother came in the next morning I would go home to get ready for school. I think the respect that I had for my Great-Grandmother showed in the way I took


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