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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

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I am not sure what this site is wanting in relation to a paper and bibliography. I have been a nurse for 18 years. I went back 5 years ago and got my Bachelors and now have recently gone back for my masters. Definitely a shock, what kind I am not sure. I think one like learning is much harder than face to face in class. But this is the route I am taking because I work full time. I have been struggling with my papers especially APA correct. I am hoping this will be a good site to maybe read some other papers and use as a guide. Looking at a subject and bringing it full circle in my head is proving more difficult than I thought. I think once I can get it down it will just click and I will be fine. I am working on my masters in leadership. Taking on a very different role for the future. I am only about 9 years from where I can retire but I am feeling less and less like that is going to happen. But, I would like to move into a different field of nursing, maybe part-time teaching but still be able to do patient care. Sites like this make it possible to get unanswered questions. I have spent countless hours on the computer, using Google looking for sites that may be able to provide me some assistance. If this site proves to be helpful I will definitely recommend it to others seeking to further their education.


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