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Concepts and Methods for Incorporating Social Responsiveness and Public Policy Analysis into the Strategic Decision Making of the Firm

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MGMKT 830-01

Spring 2012

Three Credit Hours

5:00 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.


Kelce Hall Room 111

Instructor: David L. McLane, J.D.

Office phone (daytime): 231-1290



MGMKT 830 is a master's level course within the management and marketing department of the college of business. The catalog describes the course as follows:

"Concepts and methods for incorporating social responsiveness and public policy

analysis into the strategic decision making of the firm."

I would describe this course as a consideration of human conduct throughout history in the context of economics, politics and social activity. This ongoing dynamic interplay provides the broader cultural environment in which a business operates and which, of necessity, affects the business manager's responsibility. Basically, this is an ethics course.


To some extent MGMKT 830 is a continuation/expansion of The Legal and Social Environment of Business course you took as an undergraduate. We will continue to consider and learn some basic legal principles and laws and observe their application to "real world" situations. We will also continue to consider how broader social or cultural forces affect business operations, usually by generating changes in the law. We will continue our consideration of how concepts of "ethics" drive and are driven by the interplay of the forces of business, government and society. Ultimately we will consider how the "BGS" dynamic affects the decision making process of business managers. The course should enable you to recognize and discuss these BGS dynamics and to appreciate and utilize ethical and legal doctrines and principles, laws and regulations in dealing with current social issues and trends (i.e., making management decisions).

DISCLAIMER: Although I do not play one on T.V., I actually am a lawyer. I have a license and office and secretary and everything. However, nothing I say in the course of teaching this class should be construed as legal advice for any given legal problem. Do not rely on any of my in-class utterances as support for any legal decision you make! We will be discussing

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general, basic principles


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