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Decolonization Position Essay - Neocolonialism in Africa

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Delegates: Phineas & Ferb

Delegation: China

Committee: Decolonization

Topic: Neocolonialism in Africa

        China’s government supports non-self governing territories, and will assist the development of societies, economys, and education. Since the creation of the UN, nearly a third of the world's population living in self-governing territories transitioned into less than two million people living in these territories today. Due to China’s large population, we have a stable economy and are able to contribute many resources to other countries. On top of this, here are many development networks currently engaging with China. The unification with networks such as; UNDP, AFDB, and UNMIL will help Africa to eliminate poverty, improve living conditions, and stabilize the economy. In doing so, it will allow the furtherment of Chinese trade and foreign relations.

        After WWII, when European powers granted independence to most of the colonies in Africa, while still having remnants of control over some African countries. Most of these countries had to achieve their independence through violent efforts. We strive to bring the order to these African colonies who sustained the devastating effects of being brutally exploited by Europe for their abundance of natural resources and rich trade communities. Though China’s Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Action Plan wants to focus on security of food, industrialization, trade, and promises funding for a span of three years.

The growth of and economy and the energy industry continuously moving forward, in addition with China heavily supporting the oil industry, China has an established a relationship with Africa which will be mutually beneficial for both sides involved. President Xi Jiping has offered $60 Billion to Africa as well as infrastructure projects that will ultimately  This will lead to numerous opportunities to relieve the poverty experienced by a majority of african countries while demonstrating is support for non-self governing territories.


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