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Reflection on Leadership

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I was surprised to learn of charismatic leadership can be an effective form of leadership in an organization (Dubrin, 2007, pp. 68-69). The text notes Bill gates and Sam Walton as charismatic leaders because their employees trusted in their vision for organizational growth and development. These were two big businessmen that built billion dollar companies from the ground up.

I cannot say I have found charismatic leadership to prove effective in my professional experience thus far. However, I can say it has been useful when I have help leadership positions in other areas. When I was president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, charisma served its purpose when I needed my chapter to work with me to meet project deadlines and accomplish our national initiatives.

While I do believe charismatic leadership works in small teams because it lends the ability to cultivate and nurture relationships with specific group members (Dubrin, 2007, p. 69). I believe with this type of leadership in a small group, you can avoid the pressure of winning everyone over. If you can, as a leader, establish meaningful relationships with the majority, you can achieved the desired productivity and loyalty needed to accomplish goals.

In large organizations, I cannot see how charismatic leadership can help productivity over all. Also, eventually, there will be a need to change or develop a new leadership style. I encountered this problem as some of my sorority sisters complained about certain group members overseeing projects. I only chose members who were willing to work with me and the rest had no work. This type of leadership wore itself thin with me fast. I could never exercise this style in the legal system. I probably would not accomplish much.


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