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Leadership Reflection

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Leadership is the ability to inspire people and lead people to finish the task. At the really beginning, I though leadership is only the ability to finish the task. It does not matter how to do it, but inspiring other people is also important. Because, as a leader, you cannot finish everything by yourself, you need to cooperate with your team members to finish the work. For a good leader, cooperating with other people is not enough, you also need to lead your team members. When no one knows what they should do, leader should know. Also, a good leader should be authentic, empathy, flexible and adoptable.

Understanding ourselves what we can and what we cannot do are also important to become good leaders. We should balance our skills and try to strengthen our weaker skills.

The leadership wheel represents leadership from 8 directions. They are self-awareness/management, relationship/group development, ethical decisions, task management, creative visioning and problem solving, effective communication, intercultural knowledge and community engagement. We needed to point out where we are in the wheel for each direction and tried to connect each point to make it like a wheel. I never try to understand myself in this way. After I drawled my wheel, I found out it could not really be called a wheel. My skills are really unbalanced. My self-awareness/management point is really low, but the ethical decisions point is higher. Our weakness will limit our ability. As a result, we should improve ourselves and balance our skills.

The FIRO-B helps people to identify their behaviors in inclusion, control, and affection. It also separately shows how you tend to behave toward others and how you want others to behave toward you.  

I had a high score in inclusion and medium in both control and affection. I tend to include some people in my activity, but I hope everyone can include me in their activities. I am more willing to control and influence other people, but I prefer a flexible situation when I am working. I usually avoid getting too close to people and only want to share feeling with particularly people. However, I hope everyone can share their feelings with me. The differences between expressed and wanted may cause problems in the future working environment. This is because when I react differently from the way I deal with others, people may think that I do not want to include them due to the fact that I dislike them. But the real reason is that I do not want to be that close to most of people. As a result, I should try to include more people in my activity as well as what I want other people do. I should try to open up to most people instead of only few selected individuals and situations.


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