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Adulthood Essay

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Mindy Stoltz

Group Project



Growing up can sometimes be a drag because with growing up comes a lot of changes, responsibility, relationships, children and careers among other things.

You go through many changes in your life from changing careers, ending relationships and starting a family. We also physically change from our hair turning grey to gaining weight because our bodies are starting to slow down. So why does this happen in this stage of life? There is no answer to that only some theories.

The first thing to think about is the genetics in your body. You get them from both your mom and dad and already present from conception. So if your father loses his hair early or turns grey, you can almost expect to have the same thing happen.

We also face the terrible wrinkles and those can show up anywhere from your face, chin, arms, legs and stomach. You generally can go to your local department store or drug store and pick up cream that could help you but as we get older it's something we need to come to terms with.

We also tend to gain weight in later years and that is because as we get older our metabolism slows down and our bodies have a harder time burning off the extra calories so we need to work extra hard to keep off the pounds.

Another thing to think about is illnesses that come with getting older such as Diabetes, kidney failure and pneumonia which could also keep you from exercising and can play a huge role in aging.

One thing we all can do to keep healthy and try to slow down the physical changes that we face is controlling your diet, make sure to exercise daily, don't smoke or do drugs and make sure to get check-ups with your physician.

Adulthood normally spans more than 60 years, starting from about age 20, and the cognitive changes during those years are vast. Accumulated evidence indicates that cognitive development in adulthood is rich, complex, and dynamic, perhaps even more so than in infancy and childhood, with many factors acting together in various contexts to produce systematic, dynamic variation. It can be observed that adults frequently show regression performances and move down to lower levels of cognitive skill and then construct higher levels, instead of always following a simple forward progression. This kind of backward transition phenomenon in adult cognitive processes shows an interesting and important cognitive advancement, one that may seem frustrating and counter intuitive to many intelligent adults. Backward transition is just the tip of the large iceberg of complex cognitive development in adulthood. Reframe adult cognitive development dynamically, research findings to reveal the complex dynamics behind the variability in adult cognitive development, and reexamine the limitations


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