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Night of the Livng Dead 1968 (visual Elements)

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What is a horror film? One can define horror film into three basic types: the supernatural, the scientific, and the naturalistic. Supernatural horror films have monsters such as vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts and zombies. The scientific films consist of mad scientists creating and discovering) something outside of nature; something that will be lost from human control. The naturalistic horror films simply consist of monsters. One could see these three basic types of horror films throughout the late 18th century till 21st century, and the first horror genre has been very popular and emerged in France in 1896 in a film named "Le Manoir du Diable" (house of the devil) directed by Georges Mèliès illustrated supernatural events obvious in several of the silent shorts. This film has not only caught attention of other filmmakers but also it has given them an inspiration of making something new that is different from other film genres in 19-century era. In addition, horror genre is classified due its distinctive visual elements such as camera angle through point of view shots, use of low key light, using sound effect in order to create a complete and truly frightening horror film. Furthermore, to depict a classic instance of horror genre in 1968, George A. Romeor made a film called "Night of the living dead", has those visual elements, and it is a supernatural horror zombie film with flesh-stalking cannibals), shot in black and white, it illustrated some very prominent themes of the genre, and they are quite authentic in terms of scenes involving some characteristics such as, fear, hope, and death.


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