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Global Marketing Case

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dafuq is this, i wanna find answer my my rearch, i dun have time to write this kind stupid thing.. wth ta fuq. To promote the company and its product in global marketing context, the company may use TV/video advertisements, print advertisements and the concept of e-marketing. Business meeting were also imposed by the company to reach their target market. These promotion and communication strategy will tend to meet the consumers from different places everywhere in the globe, especially those target markets or consumers that needs oil and gas supplies. As part of promotion strategy, PETRONAS should made it a regular practice to move its best managers from positions in one business unit to assignments in the other two business segments to promote the transfer of skills, practices, know-how, and innovative ideas from one business to another because it is believed that such shifting of key personnel helped PETRONAS capture strategic fit relationships among its different businesses, build stronger competitive capabilities, and keep managers’ thinking fresh and innovative.One of the impacts of globalisation is the increase in competition among other firms in the same industry. A global firm (e.g. PETRONAS) may be in a better position to compete with its global rival, as it can enhance its resources globally ( 2003). Being able to participate in its foreign target market makes the global firm more advanced and more developed compared to its rivals in the same industry, for it is able to meet the standards and demands of its foreign customers. From this perception, major suppliers and stakeholders would prefer the global firm to other firms.

To attain success in globalisation, PETRONAS should be also aware to the possible effect of competitions. Rivalry analysis, price tactics, marketing strategies and business development procedures should be carefully evaluated.


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