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Global Marketing - Large Scale Enterprises

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According to the EU definition LSE(Large Scale Enterprises) are firms with more than employees. Though LSEs account for less than 1 per cent of companies almost one-third of all jobs in the EU are provided by LSEs.

SMEs (Sale and Medium-sized Enterprises) occur commonly in the EU and in international organizations. The EU categorizes companies with few than 50employees as 'small', and those with fewer than 250 as medium. In the EU, SEMs(250 employees and less comparise approximately 99per cent of all firms.


The report mainly describes the background of house furnishing sectors currently and compares the situations between Chinese house furnishing and Sweden house furnishing. From the conditions of car sector we are going to find some problems of Chinese furnishings and try our best to find solutions to solve them.

In order to make it clearly, we choose two brand cars between China and Sweden, they are HOLA and IKEA. And we try to analyze them by using some tools like S-D model, BL and so on. Meanwhile we will use some specific figures and graphics to demonstrate them. Of course we will give some appropriate suggestions of us as a type of customer.

In a word, we want to show the functions of microeconomics through this way.

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

With the development of the society, the market becomes more and more perfect. But the market exists many unknown things, which lead to imbalanced market. For instance, like home furnishing. As we all know, there are many kinds of home furnishing nowadays no matter in China or other countries. Commonly people like to buy living things that exported, because they thought things exported are always have high quality and not easy to be broken.

1.2 Research Problems

The shortcomings of Chinese home furnishing are lack of wholeness, and the manufactures in China are too dispersive. Secondly, the national people lack of awareness to believe the quality of Chinese home furnishing.


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