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Global Marketing - Globalisation

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Globalisation can be defined as the strengthening of worldwide social relations such as culture and economic those link to long distant regions. There has been a good way of expansion the market and improved in communication technology (Beerkens, 2006). The expansion of global trade in goods and services not only can have many benefits but also can have many disadvantages for company, consumers and countries. In the way of globalisation, global became recognize and available in many places in overseas. It can also bring the best communication, increase in technology and better ability to maintain the market of the global brands (Sherlekar, 2010). The objective of this report will explain the globalisation can have advantages and disadvantages on economy, environment, culture dimension, political and so on with some examples of global companies. The main examples that stated in this reports are Coca Cola and McDonald Company. The Coca Cola Company offers many varieties of beverages since 1886 and McDonald is the world largest fast food restaurant. Both companies are huge organization and received consumer’s recognition in worldwide as well. By comparing and contrasting the two companies, can give the issues of the globalisation in each area between the countries.

The links of increasing in country’s economy are dealing more partnership business in different countries with the same brand name than ever before. Therefore, there are many opportunities to develop in trading and country’s economy as well. However, there are consequences behind the opportunities for globalization. Multination is the powerful force for good in sharing wealth, business, and technology to the world and from those, the living standards of countries became increased and improved in communication of doing business globally (BBC, 2003). In addition, by investing in other countries can receive more customers’ awareness of the brand or company. In addition,


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