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Cause and Effects of Music

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Canann Edgar

Andrew Ziehm

American Literature

23 January 2018

Cause and Effects of Music


Music, is perhaps the only universal soul that knows no limitations to purely keep intact the sentient of our kind. According to Hans Christian Anderson, “where words fail, music speaks.” It is only therefore, presumably, to reckon music as the only universal soul connection between both the living and the dead; it is only then of one’s curiosity to know of the knowledge that holds the potential to drive through even the most impenetrable hearts of God and men, a mystery whence many people fail and fall. To know memories come to life all within a piece of art as a melody, or perhaps as an expression of sorrow of loved one’s loss on a rainy day, it is then of no doubt that music erodes one’s soul away from the present into the background even under the most difficult circumstances, whilst also prolonging life in terms of health, and most of all, changing one’s perception toward life itself by bring unity amongst our kind.


        According to Klosowski, music in several ways can either improve or sabotage one’s day. It can change either one’s joy into sorrow, energize one’s mind to work and even in some cases, it may help one to cope with physical pain!

Several studies have indicated that music can dwindle one’s ability to retain facts in terms of numbers or lists (Klosowski). Needless to say, the performance aspect of music is amply evident to increase memory and language fluency; however, music for most humans with auditory sense is often a means to hold memories of the past, which in essence results stimulation of the hippocampus of the brain causing the person to recall moments lived whilst listening to a particular song in that moment of time. Furthermore, recitation of music enhances one’s fragments of the past by activating neural networks in the brain (Crocker). Similarly, whilst music greatly affects a person’s brain, it can also have an impact on the person’s overall health.


        Music can greatly affect a person’s overall health either by boosting their immune system (Klosowski) or by decreasing the possibility of a heart attack or a stroke (Crocker), and in some cases of cancer music has helped reduce pain (Liu). Nevertheless, music can also restore one’s cognition which has been exhibited with victims of Alzheimer disease (Klosowski).

The notion of listening to music in order to solidify the immune system may at first seem absurd, but it is true (Klosowski). Listening to soothing music can potentially dwindle stress by bringing down stress hormone cortisol level; however, it has also been known that the level of antibodies in one’s system increases when listening to upbeat music (Klosowski).


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