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The Music of My Heart

Autor:   •  March 8, 2011  •  Essay  •  300 Words (2 Pages)  •  1,400 Views

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i know that one day i will be loved; this is not exactly what i wanted to write about so please nobody use any of this information because seriously it is not worth reading. It is a bunch of nonsense gibberish and I didn't realize that i was typing this until I actually read it. oh well. I decided to search some essays because I need some help with one of my classes online and I think that this website would help me a lot along the way. I am sorry for anyone who wanted to actually read a good essay. I really do not have a paper to upload because I am afraid someone will steal it and it will be no good. I actually got a 100 on my essay which I was so proud of myself for doing. My music class is especially hard and I don't know what to even think! I am having such a hard time with it and I need help! But in order to get all my credits for the semester i have to pass the class with all As and I will if it is the last thing I do. Music is my life and I would not want to live without it. I enjoy all sorts of music from classical to rap to country to jazz and hip hop I really love Eminem he is awesome awesome totally and if you are really reading this you will know I am just typing whatever may come to mind so I am able to read others essays. I promise I would never copy any of them. There is one in particular that I would love read because it has some information on it that I could not find in my music book.


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