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D.R.U.G.S - the Music Band

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Being a music major, for both recording and engineering, this topic was a bit harder for me to pick out what band AND album to focus on. Music has been a huge staple in my life ever since I was young; being that I listen to anything and everything made the pick even more difficult. I finally decided on the band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, AKA D.R.U.G.S; the band is fronted by ex-lead vocalist [Craig Owens] of the post-hardcore band Chiodos. At the same time Craig has side projects Cinematic Sunrise and Isles and Glaciers, so the man is a fantastic ‘multi-tasker' when it comes to bands. The band consists of Craig Owens [lead vocals], Matt Good [guitars/vocals/keys/programming, formally of From First to Last], Nick Martin [guitars/vocals, also of Cinematic Sunrise, Isles and glaciers, and formerly of Underminded], Adam Russel [bass, also of Story of the Year], and Adam Sterm [drums, formerly of Matchbook Romance]. Needless to say, for anyone who is a fan of hard rock to alternative to scream, D.R.U.G.S is a "power band".

The band itself was formed pre summer 2009, but was kept very hush-hush for quite some time. For months, Craig Owens had been posting on Twitter to expect a new band full of great musicians and music different than any of his previous projects. The first glimpse we saw was Craig posting on his Twitter, "hey guys, head back here to at 2pm (pst) for a big announcement," which was followed by a video announcing their album with sound-clips of potential songs. From November 11 until the album released on February 22, of this year the band had released singles as well as "short films" for each track. Even though the full album didn't officially release until a couple weeks ago, it had been leaked in the UK at the beginning of February [probably due to the fact with a little bit of time and the right knowledge a person could record the embedded tracks and re-upload them download and listening].

This album is definitely different in a lot of aspects to his previous projects, especially in regards to Chiodos. Where in Chiodos, his lyrics were cryptic and obscure, we find in D.R.U.G.S that Craig's lyrics are very blunt and very forward to the messages he was trying to convey; regardless Craig spills his cuts with his angst and passion. The album was engineered and produced of guitarist and vocalist of Goldfinger, as well as Warner Brothers A&R, John Feldman ( that was all done at his studio in L.A. That being said, John has worked with talent that is known for gritty guitars, huge drums, great vocals and taste of pop that can please all listeners.

The album opens with a full out "balls to the wall" song entitled ‘If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is.' This song was the first of many released to fans on November 11, 2010 It opens


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