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Case Study

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Although it isn't a necessary prerequisite to have people skills, volunteers do need to show some level of respect and duty of care towards the clients. The admin (business organiser/secretary) is in this instance, the medium between client and volunteer in terms of booking jobs and receiving feedback, from both sides. Mrs Fleming's job as admin is to not only organise the calendar but to also relay back to the manager any feedback given, whether it is from the clients, their family or members of the public. With this feedback volunteers can either improve on existing problems, or continue to work in the same manner if there is only positive feedback. Therefore admin has a very important job to do, without feedback the organisation cannot continue to improve and grow.

With this knowledge of what clients prefer, Mrs Fleming can create a list of attributes that new volunteers should possess if they wish to fulfil this role. Mrs Fleming's job is to then give this list to the manager, who is team leader of the volunteers and the organisation. His role is then to ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring all of his staff follows the guidelines he's created from the feedback received. His main role is to now reinforce these guidelines and follow up each client on a regular basis, to make sure each of them is treated with respect and with the utmost of care.

In every organisation there is constantly room for improvement, Top-Shelf Shoppers is no exception, and although it is a simple structured organisation it does have a few flaws. First and foremost, the volunteer staff can either make or break the image of the organisation. Without considerate care taken when interviewing and choosing the right volunteers for the job, people who simply aren't suitable may join the team. Depending on the size of area the organisation aims to provide for, will determine how many staff the manager will need to bring on board. Although young


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