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What Makes a Good Leader?

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As the question of 'What makes a good leader?' is pondered over and examined further, new developments arise in leadership theory and methodology. The one thing that remains the same is the understanding that effective leadership is the catalyst that drives all elements of a successful organization. So what makes leadership successful?

Leader should have self-confidence before taking any decision.

Leader should know requirements of their people and share his knowledge which helps in improvement of others.

Leader should have good relationship and share problems of others and help them in most possible ways.

Leader should listen from others and encourage them to exceed their own expectations.

Leader should motivate others by providing some examples of other leaders.

Successful Leadership for me is --‘Walk the Talk’. A leader needs to set the right example by doing what he preaches.

If he fails here people around him are not going to have that trust and respect for him.

He should exude confidence in all his activities. The team observes their leader in how he is handling himself especially in times of crisis.

When the team runs into rough weather they look up to their Leader for guidance and in such trying times its not just the solution that is looked at but how the leader has been able to cope up with the situation, how was his body language, composure etc.

A Transparent Leader helps build an environment where there is less friction between the individuals. As every member would be aware of what all went in for taking a particular decision.

Leader should be able to build an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for all.

A leader and its leadership can be called successful when:

-> The team confides in their leader

-> The team knows that someone has their back if something goes wrong

-> Each team member is


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