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How to Be a Good Manager or Team Leader

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My topic of discussion focuses on how to develop a good relationship with your manager or team leader, how to build good coworker relationships and how to build good relationships with customers. They are important to human relations in business because in order to be successful at the work place, one must be able to work well with its leaders, coworkers and customers. An employee who is not liked and respected by others will have a hard time achieving success and will eventually get fired or moved. Everyone must develop an interpersonal style that encompasses the ability to communicate well in order to develop effective working relationships with coworkers as well as customers.

Developing and getting along with your manager is the most basic strategy of getting ahead in ones career. Gaining favor of management is very important as it aids in advancement to a higher position or increased earning potential. Obtaining good evaluations, reviews and receiving favorable work assignments depends on the rapport with the person to whom you report. This is critical as he or she is always the first one contacted to find out what kind of employee you are. This information is important when you are being considered for promotion or transfer. Ensure that your boss gives you credit for your performance and assist them by keeping him or her informed about exactly what work you are doing, the problems you are solving, and success you have attained. Getting along with your manager is also important because when the economy is slow or when outsourcing happens, your relationship with your manager plays an important role in your job security.

Maintaining good job performance is the most effective strategy for impressing one’s manager. You have to accomplish all tasks to be considered competent. Your training, education, personality characteristics, special skills, and job experience contribute to becoming a competent performer. A way to display


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