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Luxury Retail online Ordering

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1.To analyse factors affecting attitude of customers regarding food delivery apps.

2.To find out the most popular app in the digital food delivery app.

3.To analyse the relationship between food delivery app and the facilities provided by the same.


Primary Data

We have collected information through google forms which is a primary source.We selected this source because it is the most convenient and easily accessible source. By using primary data we can get basic and specific information about the product. Primary data is more accurate because it is directly collected.


  1. The whole population is aware of food delivery.

  1. The whole population has used online food delivery apps at least once or more.

  1. The most popular food delivery applications are Swiggy, Uber Eats and Zomato. The possible reasons for this can be extensive marketing and luring coupons by these applications. So the other apps need to market their app to bring their app in competition. This is because these 3 apps have created monopoly in the market so to break that monopoly they need extensive marketing for example :- The Food panda app did and prepare a strategy of marketing to deliver deserts at rupees 9/-. This made people to download their apps and many of the people ordered and availed this offer so this type of marketing will help to break monopoly of this top online delivery apps.
  1. Almost 80% of the sample population believes that online food applications give an edge to the restaurants own delivery. The reasons for this is that the restaurants do not focus a lot on delivery of food because they have customers to cater to who prefer to dine in. They focus on these customers before attending the delivery orders.

Another reason can be that online ordering is cheaper than dining in because of the offers that the apps provide. It allows the customers to get the same food at a cheaper price and because the majority of people using these apps are youth, they always go for the cheaper option. People also choose online delivery app because they can track the delivery boy and can get to know in what time the food will get delivered. Many restaurants take order and takes 1-2 hours to get the food delivered at home so this make people less loyal for restaurant delivery. As online delivery app are specialised in this only and focus on this only so if restaurant will not be able to deliver or prepare food fast they can contact customer and tell them to order from another place.


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