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International Marketing

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Marketing is all about creating, communicating and delivering customer value which in return satisfies both the organization and its all stakeholder. In the marketing the concept of establishing and maintaining a long term relationship with all customers either ordinary people or businesses is of the main importance. In creating and management of such relationships firms firstly must understand the needs and demands of different customer.


Marketing is a broad and multifaceted concept. To understand marketing fully an organization should pay attention to four pillars of marketing as internal marketing, integrated marketing, social responsibility marketing and relationship marketing. An effective marketing must use these aspects comprehensively in a unified manner in order to create and sustain competitive advantages and make customers and all stakeholders satisfied.


Any business faces two environments as internal or microenvironment and external or macro-environment. A manger must fully understand these two environments in order to make proper decisions and formulate appropriate strategies. Perhaps the most important model in this sense is SWOT analysis. In this model S and W sand for firm's strengths and weaknesses that are internal and controllable. Whereas, O and T are opportunities and threats posed in the macro environment and thus are uncontrollable. The model to grab O and T is common factors of PESTDG which firms must monitor and extract O and T from them and link them to its S and W for understanding the marketing process and policies.


To manage the firms' general marketing process a comprehensive marketing planning is requires. This marketing planning should show the ways to explore, create and deliver customer value based on the capabilities of the firm, competition and also customers' latent and existing needs. This planning is divided into two successive phases. The first phase begins with vision, mission and setting objectives which is the strategic part of the plan and the second is tactical that is all about planning marketing mix components or traditional four P. the core concept here is the process of creating, communicating and delivering value based on the vision by four Ps. thus marketing strategies are the main decisions that determine the marketing behavior of the firms based on its marketing plan.


Business is all about consumers and consumer as individuals shape the world market. Understanding their behavior not only shows the effectiveness of marketing process but illustrate the


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