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International Marketing - Services Marketing and Standardisation

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International marketing

Marketing services overseas

Services marketing and standardisation

Standardisation of services is harder than standardisation of goods due to the people element of service delivery

The more local the service provider and the more local the delivery of the service the less likely the service is to be amenable to standardisation

services and international market entry

• Options include

– Exporting

– Licensing

– Franchising

– Joint ventures

– Direct investments

Final service influenced by government regulation and pressure for local involvement

Marketing services overseas

News publishing class (publisher publishing books and electronic publications - including electronic game publications)

Key enterprise standard:

1. To have relatively fixed export channel, an export copyright results 15 above or above $30 million real exports;

2. With independent intellectual property rights of the original product, product embodies the culture, with international market development potential.

3. Or have certain influence in abroad, academic level higher academic journals and popular newspapers; Or, in overseas has published used mixed-metaphors publishing organization, export


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