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Atv Dealership Analysis

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We are considering whether or not to open an all terrain vehicle (ATV) dealership in Regina, Saskatchewan. The All Wheels Motorsports website has been viewed as an example for the consideration of this venture.

Our target market will be the avid outdoorsman, farms, ranches, construction companies, golf course maintenance, land surveying companies, and everything in-between.

Economic Environment:

According to Enterprise Saskatchewan "forecasters are predicting continued economic growth for 2010." It would appear that Saskatchewan has done very well during the recent economic downturn and jobs seem to be stable throughout the province.

An analysis of the competition for ATV dealerships in the Regina area reveals that there are several established business. We would have to offer something other than lower prices to give an added value to potential customers in this highly competitive business sector. This added value could be complementary safety operating courses; extended warranty or, for the individual consumer, a helmet, safety boots and waterproof riding gear.

Technological Environment:

An article on the trends in the ATV Industry reports that advancements in technology are "following a trend similar to the automotive market." (Mega-trends in the ATV industry in 2008 by Gary Gustafson, Dec 14, 2007)

With so many different models to choose from it would be very difficult and costly to warehouse several ATV's so negotiating a dealership contract that provides for quick shipment and a sound return policy would be necessary. Orders that could be received weekly would keep a customer's wait time minimal. A supplier with a constantly up-to-date website linked to our own website would allow customers to come in to view online or view on their own, every model and accessory


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