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Political System

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The political system that was developed in the Soviet Union before the World War II was called Stalinism. It began 20 years after Lenin’s death in 1924. Joseph Stalin became Lenin’s successor and rose as a leader of the Soviet Union. Stalinism existed as the integral, exclusively rigid, authoritative ideology, and captured within itself all spheres of the life of a society. During the command of the USSR, Stalin brought about major changes within the country. From collectivization, radical industrial reforms, establishment of secret police, the great purges, famines, to creation of the Gulag’s. The country was ruled by an iron fist that nobody even dared to whisper about due to the fear of ending up a prisoner in the Gulags.

However, there is an ongoing controversy about Stalinism. Some people believe that this was a brilliant scheme, carefully planned and created before Stalin entered into power. Other people support the idea that those changes were just irrational actions. Theorists debate over this topic and present facts and arguments for both sides. In my view it seems that Stalin’s rule was not rational and was constantly changing thus creating a ripple effect ultimately constructing the ugly results of famines, secret police and other deformities within the country.

First, if people looked at Stalin’s rule, they can notice that it is completely backward and his views and actions contradict each other. Stalin was always obsessed about the flaws within the capitalistic societies. In one of his speeches Stalin states that, “Crises, unemployment, waste, destitution among the masses


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