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Islamic Political System and Culture

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The political structure of Islam has been based on three rules, viz., Tawheed (Oneness of ALLAH), Risalat (Prophethood) and Khilafat (Caliphate). It is hard to value the different aspects of the Islamic strategy without fully understanding these three rules. I will, therefore, begin with a concise exposition of them. Tawheed (Oneness) means that one ALLAH alone is the maker, maintainer and Master of this universe and of all that subsists in it living or non-living.


The Holy Quran undoubtedly states that the aim and purpose of this state is the establishment, preservation and development of those virtues, with which the Creator of this universe desires the human life to be decorated and the deterrence and abolition of those evils the presence of which in human life is outright hateful to ALLAH. The state in Islam is not anticipated for political government only nor for the completion through it of the collective will of any meticulous set of people; somewhat, Islam places a high model before the state for the achievement of which, it must use all the means at its clearance. And this rationale is that the qualities of cleanliness, beauty, kindness, virtue, accomplishment and prosperity which ALLAH wants to burgeon in the life of His people, ought to be engendered and evolved. And that all kinds’ negative utilization, injustice and disorders which, in the view of ALLAH, are disastrous for the world and harmful to the life of His creatures are concealed and prevented. At the same time, by placing before us this lofty ideal, Islam gives us a lucid draft of its moral structure visibly stating the desired virtues and the unwanted evils. Keeping this sketch in sight the Islamic state can plan its welfare program in every age and in any situation.


The word sovereignty is derivative from the Latin word ‘superanus’, which means great power of a person over others. Sovereignty of Allah means the super power and influence of Allah over His creators. Allah is the main foundation of all power and laws. The Qur’anic perception of sovereignty is simple. Allah is the Creator of the whole universe. He is its real maintainer and Ruler. It is His Will that prevails in the universe all around. As all conception is His, His command should also be well-known and obeyed in man’s society. He is the real ruler and His Will should reign supreme as the Law. An Islamic state must put those laws into live out for greater good of its populace.


Khilafah means series or representation. In Islamic legitimate law Khilafah refers to the government.

In Islam, Khilafah means the individual who would put into practice the will of Allah on earth


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