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Hist 2280 - Hockey Night in Canada

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Essay Proposal

Sunday June 18, 2017

HIST 2280

        The topic I have chosen to focus on for my term essay is the relationship between hockey and Canadian identity. This is an interesting topic as this link is still prevalent in society today. My essay will outline three catalysts for hockey becoming part of Canada’s national identity. These three items are the Summit Series; Hockey Night in Canada, including other media outlets such as the radio; and, the sense of community gained through specific provinces having their own team to cheer on. Ultimately, this information and argument will make up my thesis statement.

        First, I will summarize the findings of numerous articles regarding the Summit Series in 1972. Through my research, I have found that many people associate Canada’s win at the Summit Series as the pivotal turning point where hockey truly became part of the Canadian identity. At that time, due to the threat of nuclear warfare, tensions between Russia and the West were quite high. The hockey series between Canada and the USSR was exciting and nerve-wracking, and ultimately brought Canadians closer together.

        Next, I will focus on new media that developed over the last 100 years, more specifically analysing Hockey Night in Canada and its growth and impact in society. I have found many articles, including statistics regarding the opinions Canadians hold on Hockey Night in Canada. Furthermore, I have research that explores the start of Hockey Night in Canada and why it made such a large impact on Canadian society. Viewers were captivated by the hosts and the new technology that came with the show, such as instant replays. Likewise, the radio was an important catalyst for the spread of hockey throughout Canada. The combination of television and radio were very important aspects in regards to making hockey more accessible for individuals across Canada. They no longer had to physically be at the game, rather they could now watch or hear it.

        Last, I will argue that the integration of teams that represented certain cities and regions, such as the Montreal Canadians representing Montreal and Quebec, created a sense of community within parts of Canada. This, in turn, created ‘imagined communities’ throughout Canada. As a result, Canadians were brought together as a country, which definitely helps create a national identity. Throughout my research a lot of information regarding Maurice Richard has come up, therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to expand on an incident that clearly shows the sense of community that formed.  Maurice Richard was a hockey player for the Montreal Canadians, and on March 13, 1955, he was suspended for the rest of the season after partaking in a violent fight. Montreal Canadian fans were appalled, and on March 17, 1955, a riot broke out. This anecdote will surely provide support for the suggestion that hockey reached far into society and helped frame regional and national identities.  


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