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"the Crucible" Essay

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The history of the Salem, witch trials begin in the spring of 1692 in Massachusetts. The incident start when a bunch of young girls claimed to have been possessed by the devil. A special court was brought in to hear their cases. The Salem Witch Trials got its name because girls were forced to name witches and accused many who were innocent. Between the actual history and the movie itself they are accurate to each other. The beginning of the movie opens up with girls meeting and dancing in the woods. The dance according to history was known was the black magic dance. The movie shows the girls accusing many of the innocent townspeople and according to legend that is exactly what happened.

It is known that movies and books can differ a lot when compared, whether or not its big or small there is a little bit of each. The Crucible, the movie and the book have a lot in common, but the movie tended to leave some facts out that was given in the book. Knowing the similarities and differences can help one to obtain as much knowledge about something than could obtain with just one.

Similarities are endless, with the basics of the characters, the time, the mood, and so much more. Both the film and the movie show that the kids were dancing in the forest, doing witchcraft although in both they refuse to admit to what it was. With Abigail’s wishes to be able to be with her love Mr. Proctor who she had a lustful relationship with when she was working for his family, until fired by his wife.

Similarities are also found in direct quotes from the book, said exactly the same in the movie. Such as the scene when Abigail and Mr. Proctor are talking about what has happened and how Abigail wants his affection yet Mr. Proctor refuses “I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again”. This significant conversation is almost word by word similar to the book itself, along with conversation of Tituba and the people trying to “help” her.

The similarities are very vast between The Crucible, the book and the movie. From characters to scenes, moods to quotes both the book and the movie are very in sync with each other. With similarities like these, one can understand The Crucible on an entirely new level, even though it may not all be exactly the same.

Throughout the movie The Crucible, we are introduced to the ways of colonial America. We see the importance of Christianity in this small town of Salem. To get a better understanding of Christianity’s importance, the movie takes us on a journey where a scare of the devil comes into the town, and everyone becomes panicked. However, this is not the beginning of the book, The Crucible. In this book, we get some back history about Christianity being spread throughout the colonists and the Native Americans alike. Christianity was important in these new colonies so they could start building their towns on religion to unify the


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