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Analytical Essay - the Crucible

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Some of the Key issues that Arthur Miller writes about in his book "The Crucible" are issues that are still in our world today. They still continue to affect many people's lives today and these issues are being dealt with very differently today to how they dealt with them in the 1916's. Some of these issues are Power/Hunger, Social Injustice/Injustice and Persecution based on Beliefs. These issues are portrayed through language, behaviours and actions towards both themselves and each other.


In the book "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller it tells us that one of the first issues pointed out was the need for both Power and Hunger for the things that they wanted but knew couldn't have.

In "The Crucible" they used the idea about witchcraft to get what they wanted and they didn't care who got hurt or the consequences of their actions along the way.

In the 1916's the way they dealt with these issues was that if you were accused of Trafficking with the devil (witchcraft) then that was it your life was pretty much destroyed and you were hanged whether they had hard evidence or not. In today's Society we have this issue everywhere, there are wars and political arguments about having more power and more authority. These days war happens so that they can try to overtake countries just to have more authority and power in the world, we have politics and governments fighting and arguing about who should and shouldn't have more power and authority over the countries in our world today.

We have Terrorists who want more power and authority over the world and so they begin bombing and terrorising countries in hope that they then get exactly what they want, because they believe that if people are afraid and scared of them then they will listen to them and give them what they are after. We today deal with these issues in many different ways for example for politics and government issues with power and authority we have polls and votes and elections which involve the communities and the people of the country's input, and we also have wars and whoever wins then wins the argument that the war was about. With Terrorists we put them in jail and punish them for their actions.

John Proctor committed adultery with Abigail Williams and afterwards regretted it and then because Abigail wanted John Proctor to be


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