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Torture Case Study

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Torture can be described as physical or physiological pain given from one person to another with the intentions of gaining advantage over a person. Torture has been around for many centuries and is still put into practice today. Some countries use torture as a way to bring justice to their nation and others use it as a form of retribution. Even though people believe torture is appalling, some people still agree that it is needed in certain conditions, and others strongly oppose it because of the dreadful reputation it gives. If torture can prevent future bombs and chemical weapons from ignition, thereby saving many lives, it would be worth the pain that is caused to the one who was planning it.

United States Senator John McCain takes the subject torture and examines it. From his point of view, he believes that it is not only ethically wrong, but also inhumane and cruel. There is no circumstance when torture would ever be the right precautions to take even if terrorist are planning to place people’s lives in danger. McCain believes if a terrorist is captured and is being tortured, he will only lie to stop the suffering. McCain states,” I gave them the names of the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line, knowing that providing false information was sufficient to suspend the abuse. It seems probable to me that the terrorist we interrogate under less than humane standards of treatment are also likely to resort to deceptive answers”(p.697). When McCain was being tortured, he was thinking of ways to make executor stop torturing him, even if it was for a diminutive amount of time, and he considers that is what a terrorist would do, too.


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