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Tetratech's Organizational Structure More Likely as Matrix

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In 1994, Foster Wheeler buys ENSEARCH Environment Corp which formed from Remediation and Construction in year of 1992, and then renamed as Foster Wheeler Environmental. Several years later in 2003, Tetra Tech buys Foster Wheeler Environmental and renamed Tetra Tech EC. While Tetra Tech EC is in an engineering and construction industry (environment protection), and normally regulated by federal government to ensure limited negative impact on the environment. So, Tetra Tech is involved in clearing up environmental pollution and many other remediation projects.

TetraTech's organizational structure more likely as matrix. Since TetraTech implemented three different oversight process, for example in first peer review every project was peer-reviewed by project managers and discipline leads, and Tier two project review, each project reviewed by senior management. Matrix structures can help TetraTech to be more flexible in risk management process when they are trying to take on any risk by having TIP process. However, matrix structure has constraints of resource conflict for different project at same time. And conflict between business purpose and project purpose tasks, which one need to be done firstly to minimize individual risk especially when managers are giving them different priorities.

TetraTech’s risk appetite is still limited but open to any risk. They are believed in Task Initiation Procedure (TIP) process which ensured high risk activity would be converted to a low risk activity through the planning process and by implementing operation controls that would cope with any problem that might emerge. Moreover, TetraTech has its risk management approach in two aspects of assessed up-front and try both anticipate the risk and identify solution, and secondly including a very tight specification of the project were stopped when a plan could not follow, so when there is unexpected issue happened, the expert will involve and then can re-plan before


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