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Organizational Structure

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Organization problems: each subsidiary are independent business. They are using different

report and information system. Secondly, the decisions are made individually because of the

connection are very bad there. Each locations they are trying to make maximum profit and do

not care about other locations. Lastly, they had no transfer of technology and new product

ideas or other innovations within RI. To deal with those problem by creating a new international

department (President->International Production Directors-> Vice President North America,

Vice President Europe and Vice President Asia). They should change the system first. They

should make the requirement for all of location to share information, make the same information

and financial system. There are 3 ways to go in this company. Firstly, they will stay focus in US-> however in the

near future; a new Norway company will kill them within 1 month. Secondly, hey would set up

its own small foreign offices in UK and other Asian countries, it will take a lot of money deal

will culture barriers and language. Lastly, they also cooperate with European companies and

Asian companies from adding RCA application to their suite of product. It will be take a lot time

to negotiation and get control from partner. From my opinion, I think they should choose the last



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