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Steps to Lead Yourself Successfully

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How do I lead myself? Hmm.. I think I have 5 steps to lead myself successfully; first is I can’t lead someone I don’t recognize. Hence, I must start finding myself and knowing who I really am. Maybe, I can achieve it by spending quite time alone, reflecting with my past experiences, lessons and realizations.

Second, after recognizing who I really am, what’s my true value, and what are my weaknesses and strengths, I must improve myself personally so that I'll be prepared to accomplish my goals. To lead myelf, I have to train it to acquire the needed values, attitudes, habits, skills and disciplines to do the tasks I will assign to myself. I cannot lead myself to do a job that I knew I am not capable of doing it.

Third, to effectively lead myself, I have to align my objectives to my dreams. Remember that it’s our big dreams that keep us hoping and going in the midst of troubles and problems. So if you want yourself to follow your orders, your orders should not be conflicting with your dreams or with your mission and vision in life.

Fourth, I should inspire myself, find the things I love to do and start doing them naturally and joyfully. Inspiration is based on one’s passion. An inspired person is one who have discovered the things he/she love and do them passionately or cheerfully. To lead yourself, find your inspiration (hihi already, found mine) and lead yourself to it accordingly. Be honest with yourself so it's not difficult for you to be honest to someone. Learn to motivate yourself too, and give yourself a break and be with people who inspires you and people who brings out what's best in you and with that you can gain your self-confidence. Also continue to find yourself and achieving self-growth, stay humble and continue learning, realizing and improving.

Lastly, love yourself. Loving is the deepest, hardest and long-lasting act of leadership. If you can do it, you can achieve a powerful leadership


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