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Clear Identification of Possible Circumstances Leading to Launch

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The new Eco products are mainly attached with the concept of an eco-friendly lifestyle. The company is promoting the lifestyle which is completely carbon dioxide emission free throughout the world. The launching of the eco products is taking the consideration of environments from three viewpoints which are preventing global warming, effective use of resources and the management of chemical substances.

The development of the Eco Navi is to increase the energy efficiency of the products. The new Eco Navi air-conditioner is able to identify the positions of people, furniture and the volume of sunshine that will possibly control the air flow volume and room temperature for the most energy-efficient operation.

The Eco Navi air-conditioner is adapted with a unique hybrid heat exchanger and compressor which reduces the carbon dioxide emission by 24% due to a decrease in power consumption. The company had achieved the industry's top class seasonal power consumption of 1,272 kWH. The company is feared that carbon dioxide emission from the household sector will rise even more by the following of the economic growth and increase in the number of households.

The Panasonic Malaysia is previously the leading air-conditioner brand in Malaysia while with the new inverter-technology that saves almost 50% of the electricity. The company expects to increase the market share by 10% next year from the current 40%. The new Econavi products are attached with an increased awareness where ecology and technology must develop parallel with lower carbon dioxide emission. The company is aware of the importance of education when it comes to the environmental issues. The newly launched air-conditioner is share by the insights on various environmental issues and developments. The core of each individual is very important in developing far sighted judgments and good consumptions habits of the green culture. The new products had achieved a 72.3% public awareness rate


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