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Name and Discuss the Nature of the Steps in a Work-Flow Analysis

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1. Answer the essay questions in complete well thought-out essays. Please ensure sentence structure and punctuation is in accordance with APA guidelines. The short answer questions may be answered with a combination of sentences and bullet points. The answers must be word processed and in accordance with standard APA guidelines for punctuation and sentence structure.

Essay Questions (15 pts each):

1. Name and discuss the nature of the steps in a work-flow analysis.

A work-flow analysis is essential if you want to know the standing of your organization. A work-flow analysis identifying the output of work which should specify the quality and quantity of the output, and it analyzes the processes and input for producing the product or service. An output is the end product that a company produces, which could be anything to a service or a bicycle. After you identified your output then you can specify standards for quality and quantity. A way to do that is by setting up a system known as proMES which allows the employees to keep track of the work output and then they evaluate the effectiveness of each product through the customer’s point of view. The work processes are the activities that need to be done to produce a given output. The processes are the work tasks that make the ending product which are broken down to procedures and rules. They all need to be analyzed to make sure it is running efficient. Analysis work input need to be examined to make sure that the organization is running a safe and efficient business. The more efficient the organization is the more money they will save in material, power, labor, and equipment, which are all areas that need to be examined during a work-input analysis.



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