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Team Work Turmoil Case Analysis

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This case study is aimed to explore the issues that exist within a study group that comprise of six graduate students in a big­named school in the eastern United State. A lot of drawbacks of the learning team gradually emerged only after three weeks into the first year of MBA program. After extensive research and deep analysis of the case, we have identified 3 main aspects of team’s confusion that, if improved, will dramatically improve their outcome. These 3 issues are: Lack of general team structure and trust, Onyealisi’s attitude/ behaviour and lack of unity towards common goals, individualistic, lack of motivation. This report will elaborate in depth on these issues, propose realistic solutions, choose the best solution and lastly discuss how to implement these solutions within the team.


The first problem that we found in this case that led to the team's failure was lack of team structure and trusts, which is an ideal part of teams’ effectiveness and success. In this team, there was no designated team leader, no meeting discipline and no clear ground rules, which are all signs of the storming stage of a group development. In the storming stage, the group members notice differences rather than similarities. For instance, in the case Griffin and Cooper were arguing about the same thing as Prasad said that they do this every time thinking that they have different points until they realize that they are talking of the same point.

Second, the team didn’t set up specific disciplines and rules so that some individuals attached more importance on personal stuffs rather than the team spirits. One of the examples is that Prasad left the room to answer his phone which caused the meeting to be paused and several members started to check their emails.


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