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Leadership Theory Analysis Discussion Summary

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My entire team was unfamiliar with the Vroom model of leadership and the Fielder contingency model. We had a great discussion about both. It was interesting to read about both and their differences. We all found that they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Vroom’s model is very complicating to all of us. Vroom’s leadership style involves a few different ways for a manager to approach a problem and find a solution. A manager can utilize given authority to come about a decision without consulting with anyone. The manager can do this by either using the information they already have available to them or by consulting with subordinates for information. Still, the decision is theirs alone. This would be acceptable if the manager were very knowledgeable about the subject matter that pertains to the particular situation. However, if they don’t know much or anything about the issue, they may just make a bad decision. A manager can also consult with many different people to gather information so that they can make a decision based on the new information. They may also get a group together and tell them what the problem is to pick their brains. They still end up making the decision on their own based on suggestions of the group. This approach could be advantageous provided the manager’s colleagues or the people in the group are able to offer good information. This can really help the manager make a good decision. Unfortunately, since the decision is ultimately their own, they may just go with their gut instincts and make a bad decision. Finally, a manager might also utilize group collaboration. They would get a group of people together, let them know what problem needs to be solved, and listen to everyone’s ideas for a solution. The manager would then make a decision based on the group’s consensus (Bateman & Snell, 2011, pp. 430-433).

Felder’s leadership style consists of two styles. We agreed that these leadership


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