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Reflection Essay

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IP2 Reflection Essay

Barbara Rivera

UNIV103 -15


There are many ways students learn and develop skills to help them be successful in their academic endeavors. Within this essay I hope to show how I plan to utilize different techniques and strategies to avoid procrastination so that I may achieve the highest academic success possible. Student success or failure can be due to having, or the lack of, a well thought out action plan. Experts estimate that between 70 and 90 percent of all undergraduates procrastinate to some degree, and chronic procrastinators are less likely to finish college (Board, 2012). In creating an action plan, identifying a good support system, and setting goals will help achieve the academic success desired.

        Developing a good plan of action for me will consist of a concise calendar detailing my school assignments, work, and personal priorities. Within the calendar I will set aside time for reading the assignment material. There will be times set for working on the actual assignment and time for revisions. I will also utilize the ABC list to organize and prioritize what needs to be done for each assignment. According to Necati Cemaloglu and Sevil Filiz, time planning and prioritization are closely correlated with academic success (Board, 2012). Using these strategies I believe my scholastic success should be high in completing my course studies and work.

        Through self-evaluation and through the evaluation from others I will be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. First, I will start by identifying my personal learning style. Identifying the way I learn and process information will help me to better understand what techniques to use, and what techniques I need to strengthen to complete assignments. Being a kinesthetic/tactile learner, some strategies to help me are taking notes or drawing concepts during lectures, holding and manipulating materials, and scheduling shorter frequent studying times.

        The people who will help hold me accountable in completing my courses and assignments are my children, my close friends, my student advisor, and my course instructor. My children will be able to help hold me accountable by reminding me that I’m doing this to better myself and show them a better life. My close friends will be able to help me by giving me motivation and by sharing their experiences with college. They can also help by giving me ideas and tips on how to complete assignments and papers. My student advisor can help support and motivate me by providing encouragement and resources. My course instructor can help support and motivate me by critiquing my previous assignments and giving helpful advice for future assignments, holding me accountable for my work.


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