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Gatsby Reflection Essay

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In this Gatsby presentation that we did as a group, I think it went really smooth. At the beginning it was hard to come up with the design, the setting, the menu, and all the other things that we have to have our binder. I think that me and my group worked really well as team. We had everything done on time and as we wanted it to be. Presentation wise and food I think we did pretty good.

Some things that we struggled in were figuring out how we wanted our table setting to be, the food we wanted in our menu, and the colors of our project. Something that trew is off a bit was that when we were about to present, we were serving the lemonade in our glasses and it fell in our tablecloths. We had to take the things off our table and change your tablecloth and put things back in our table in less than 5 min. That was one of ours struggles when we were about to present. Another struggles we had while presenting was that we didn't really practice presenting the project. We kind of just winged it. We didn't really know what to say, or who was going to say what but we figured t out last minute and it came out pretty good.

Things I took from the book The Great Gatsby were all the nice styles they had back then. Also there was some famous quotes that they said during the book, that I think were very inspirational and interesting. Watching the movies actually helped a lot when reading the book because there was things in the book that you couldn't imagine and watching the movie makes it easier. Another thing I took from the book were the information about the 1920’s and how they used to live back then.

The things I liked about this project were how we read the book and from there we got some ideas of how we wanted our party to be. Another thing I liked about this project was how it incorporated our program into it. I also liked that me and my group had really good communication with each other and we were always in the same page. In


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