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Reflective Essay on Environment

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During this semester I feel I have come a long way in developing my level of employability, especially within my chosen field of marketing. Having now created a CV and cover letter applying for an Events Marketing Assistant position I already feel much more confident in my employability level and have a platform to move on from in future applications to placements and internships. (R20) Through redoing and completing the Skills Self Assessment Audit again I was able to see how much and in what particular areas of my skills set I had improved on since starting university and the areas that I still needed to focus on and develop in order to boost my employability. (R03) I also completed the Graduate Skills Framework Audit again which gave me a look into what area of my academic skills set I have improved and developed and could already see a huge improvement and can already feel see myself feeling more confident in many specific areas listed by the framework. (R04) By redoing this framework I was also able to clearly highlight which skills I am yet still to develop in order to be successful in my degree and be more employable in the future. I have learnt how important and crucial your CV is in getting employed and have learnt how to create a good strong CV that can be tailored to any job role, this will be extremely helpful in increasing my future employability once I begin looking for graduate jobs after university (R05). This semester I have also learnt how to create an eye-catching, intriguing and positive cover letter when applying for jobs and just how important and crucial a cover letter is in making you stand out from other potential candidates. (R06) This will be extremely useful knowledge and will put me one step ahead of and distinguish me from the rest when it comes to applying for placements, internships or postgraduate vacancies. We were provided with a particularly insightful lecture on how to better prepare for interviews and make yourself appeal to any potential employers during an interview situation. (R07) I have previously found myself to struggle in interview situations and have before failed in the final stages of recruitment processes due to a lack of performance in interviews. As a result I found this lecture particularly useful, as I was able to see and ascertain where I had been going wrong in interviews up until this point and the areas on which I need to improve in order to be more successful in interviews in the future, boosting my employability. The Nigel Wright guest speaker’s presentation was also particularly useful as it really helped me to stop and think about my future and how I can work on improving myself and my skills set in order to increase me employability. (R10) Following this presentation I realised I need to stop and really consider which aspects of marketing I particularly enjoy and the types of organisations I’d like to work for. Once I have decided on this I can continue working on the required skills set needed as a Marketing postgraduate student in order to boost my employability as much as possible by the time I finish university.


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