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Influence of Technology - Common Information Systems Used in the Organization

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Influence of Technology Paper

Prepared by: Yihan Wang

                IS330_07_MM: Information System

         December 09, 2018

Abstract: In the past 100 years, the rapid development of technology has greatly improved the civilization of the whole human race, and the speed of the renewal of the times has also made people adapt quickly. It can be said that the development of the past 100 years has far exceeded the previous thousands of years. The daily life of modern people is also closely linked with technology.  Technology and science have always been the inexhaustible motive force of social progress.  The achievements of technological research have benefited many aspects of life.

Common Information Systems used in the organization

Organizations strive to become market leaders in their specific industries. Under the influence of the intensified global competition, the company seeks various strategies that can bring competitive advantages. One strategy is to use information systems within the company. Information systems can help companies make full use of their data, improve efficiency and assist in complying with mandatory systems(Davoren, 2018).  Management teams need information systems to help them perform their duties. As a result, companies often have different IS operating at the same time. There are mainly three basic roles of IS in a company: Information Storage and Analysis.  Assist With Making Decisions.  Assist With Business Processes.  The common information systems technologies in the company are Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Supply Chain Management(SCM) Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP).  I will describe two of them in detail.  

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a technology that allows companies to organize, automate and synchronize every aspect of customer interaction.  CRM systems include marketing, sales, customer service and support(Hubspot, 2018).  Most CRM platforms involve businesses that analyze customer interactions and improve customer relationships.  The Salesforce Cloud Computing is a network company which provides customized customer relationship management services on demand.  For Adidas, one of Salesforce's most important partners, the most important store in the world is the dot-com site. In order to get the continuous attention of customers, Adidas is actively transforming into digital and personalized. Salesforce is an important partner to implement it.  Adidas set customers in its business center through that platform.  Adidas launched a new mobile app last year.  The app uses Salesforce technology to provide consumers with tailor-made sports programs, personalized articles, sports tutorials and related products.  It does not only strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer but also stimulate further sales growth(Joseph, 2018).  


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