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A Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in English II

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A Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan in English II

By Cristina N. Yamat of BSE III- English

I. Objectives:

At the end of a 55-minute discussion, 85% of the students are expected to:

Define word stress

Identify the stressed syllable of a given set of words

Formulate the rules in word stress through the use of the given set of words presented

Imitate the teacher as she utter the given set of words in each stress pattern

II. Subject Matter:

A. Topic: Word Stress

Year Level: Second Year High School

B. References:

C. Materials: cartolina with words written on it



Values Integration: In reality life is not always in smooth sailing. Some times one will experience storm along his way. How ever, looking at the bright side of life, this storm and difficulties create spice, thrill and beauty into his life. Just like words, they are not uttered monotonously instead stress is given into their syllables which give life, rhythm and music into the language.

III. Procedure

A. Motivation

Divide the students into two groups to play “Pellmanism or Pairs/ Memory Game”.

* Cards will be used with words written on it.

To play the game, follow the steps:

All the cards are spread face down on the table and each member of the team will take turn trying to find matching pairs of cards by which syllable of the given words is emphasize. If the words on the cards have the same pattern of emphasis, the student from that team who found it will keep the pair. If not, s/he turns the cards face down again and play passes to the other student. The team who has the most cards at the end of the game will be the winner.

B. Presentation

The teacher will present pocket chart where example of words for each rules in word stress are placed.


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