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Subject: Math

Content: Positions and Directions: Above and Below; Up and Down

Teacher: Ms. Stephanie M. Borabo

I. Objectives:

a. Identify positions of objects (above and below; up and down)

b. Name objects that are seen above and below; up and down

c. Read the basic sight words properly (above and below; up and down)

d. Spell the basic sight words correctly (above and below; up and down)

e. Follow directions of positions accurately.

II. Materials/Resources:

a. Realistic Math

(textbook) pp. 16-22

Author: Ma. Emily C. Bucot

b. Real objects (table, chair, pen, ball and etc.)

c. ppt. slides

d. illustrations on the board

e. meta cards

III. Learning Activities:

a. Review of the lesson: Common Shapes

Pupils will identify the shape of the object shown.

b. Game: Body moving up and down; hands reaching above and below.

c. Practice reading of the basic sight words printed on the meta cards (above and below; up and down)

d. Drill and mastery: Pupils will read fast the basic sight words properly.

e. Pupils are asked to name objects they can see above and below (above: clouds, airplane; below: ocean, underground etc.) Relating also up to above and down to below.

f. Using the real objects, pupils will identify the positions correctly.

g. Book exercise: pp. 17-19 and p. 21

IV. Evaluation/Assessment:

(5 items) Identify the position of the object. Write above or below on the blank.

(5 items) Color the objects blue if its going up and red if its going down.

V. Differentiated Instruction:

a. Game: Body Movements (kinesthetic intelligence)

b. Word drill: Spelling (linguistic intelligence)

c. Class sharing (interpersonal intelligence)

d. Real objects manipulation (Spatial intelligence)


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