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Describe and Give Details of the Colombian Country´s Brand Campaign Colombia Es Passion

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Describe and give details of the Colombian country´s brand campaign "Colombia es passion," and its background.

For many years Colombia has faced a constant struggle for political power between different actors of the conflict bringing a lot of corruption and violence to the country and its people. These unfortunate facts generated the deterioration of the country´s image and created a bad international reputation which has been very difficult to change through years. As a result, it has brought many economic, political and social consequences to the nation. Concerned about this, the Colombian government required some marketing strategies trying to change this negative picture that people have of Colombia around the world, showing that their current reality is different and has improved, presenting all the good choices that the country has to invest, visit, enjoy and get to know it better. For this reason a campaign named "Colombia es pasión," was created in 2005 as a country brand, seeking to restore the good image not only nationally but also internationally starting the change from within the country. The purpose of this essay is to describe and analyze the objectives, strategies, development and results of the campaign, and its impact in the people during these years of labor.

Colombia, a country in way of development, but with much potential to work has been affected in their slow economic, political and social progress due to many national conflicts that generated a vast amount of violence in the country for many years. At the beginning there was a war between political parties that caused a lot of violent events that marked its history; then, the conflict with drug production and trafficking around the world and the merge with the formation of illegal armed groups against the state of Colombia named "guerrilla," produced an immense battle in pursuit of political power and economic prosperity passing over anyone. Following this, it can be easier understood the reason of the bad reputation of Colombia internationally and how it has been damaged for years.

Nevertheless, the country has improved over the last few years in many fields. The last five years the economy had a growth at superior rates as 4% per year, and in 2008, Colombia's GDP grew by 2.5%, a positive growth despite the global recession. Proexport (2010), According to the Secretary of the General Ibero-American Secretary, Enrique Iglesias 2007 "Colombia's economic growth is good, and important things are being done in the country not only in the economic field, but also in the social and security aspect among other things," In spite of this improvements, all the goals achieved are not seen internationally in the dimension they should, and has brought to the nation a huge amount of economic losses.

Noticing this, however, the Colombian government became interested


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