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The Volvo Group

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  1. The Volvo Group

The company Volvo Group is the biggest company in Sweden,[1] and the biggest Swedish producer of commercial vehicles and cars. It is listed on the Swedish stock market. The headquarter is in Göteborg, Sweden. The company was founded in 1927 and has today more than 80000 employees on different locations all over the world. In the year 2016 the company earned 301.915 billion SEK. Volvo is Latin for “I’m rolling” and has different segments. After the most famous brand of Volvo Group, Volvo, which is mainly producing cars and busses, Volvo Group also includes the brands Volvo Penta, UD Trucks, Terex, Renault Trucks, Prevost, Nova Bus and Mack, more information on those brands and their products in 2.1.[2] The whole Volvo Group brand extend in the area transport and infrastructure solutions. Components of the Volvo Group are not only situated on streets or in cities, they are also part of rough areas and the sea. The new vision of the overall Volvo Group is “Be the most desired and successful transport and solution provider in the world”.[3] 

  1. Brands and products of the Volvo Group

The most known brand of the Volvo Group is Volvo. Volvo produces not only cars, it also produces trucks, heavy-duty machinery and busses. Volvos cars are situated in the upper price class. The portfolio has everything to offer, starting with limousines up to SUVs.[4] Volvo’s cars are known for being the safest cars in the world, for example the Volvo XC90 was rated in 2015 by the NCAP crashtest to be the safest SUV in the world.[5] The new vision of Volvo cars is that until 2020 the inmates of a Volvo car don’t or get very little injured after accidents.[6] Also Volvo has the goal to build each new model of a car with an electric engine until the year 2019.[7] 

Volvo also produces trucks. Those are giving value to the costumers through automatization and reduction of emissions while keeping the performance high. For example this year a new truck was presented running in LNG. This reduces the emissions of the truck by 20-100% while keeping the same performance. Also busses and construction equipment, like dumper or excavator are produced. Volvo is producing the biggest articulated hauler of the world.

Volvo Penta is a worldwide leading producer of engines and power systems, offering solutions for marines moving ships. UD Trucks are producing commercial vehicles for Japan and Asia. Terex Trucks building heavy machinery for mines. They are used for extreme conditions like in the dessert or in the arctic. Renault trucks is also building commercial vehicles. The brand Prevost is manufacturing specialized premium coaches and motorhomes for the northern American market. Also situated on the north American market is the brand Nova Bus, a service bus producer. Finally the brand Mack Trucks is also producing commercial vehicles for the north American market. Also part of the Volvo Group are different joint ventures, giving a strategic alliance with producers of construction equipment and trucks in China as well as producers of commercial vehicles in India.[8]


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