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Dick Hofmann - Ceo of Continental Group Company

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Dick Hofmann was the CEO of Continental Group Company. The company acquired Whit Cap in 1965. He assigned Peter Browning to define the change the management style the White Cap as the results of the condition change in the market environment. Hofman made it cleared that the management had to change but without damaging relationship with the White Cap's employee.

Bob White

The son of co-founder of white Cap, the former ECO of White Cap. He is well-respected with all the White Cap employees. He gave the employees inspiration and encouragement through his family-culture management style. As a result he gained the employees royalty which they continued to work for the company in very long period of time.

Art Lawson

Bob White's successor. Lawson had been working for the company for many years. He was given the position as Vice President and ECO. As Lawson has been working for the company for long time, he saw himself as the caretaker, maintaining the operation as it always has been. He also has great influence in the company's market and excellent relationship with the White Cap customer for many years.

Jim Stark

Stark is another long-term employee of White Cap. He had been working for the company for 30 years. He worked as regional sales manager before moved to the marketing department. He had been the director of the marketing department for 5 years. He had the excellent record in related to customer service and was able to respond and solved the customer problem effectively, however his relationship with his subordinate is not as good as his relationship with the customer. It had been a report that he is lacking of the support to make a change in the marketing department.

Tom Green

Green is the head of the HR department of White Cap. As other senior member of company, Green had been working for the company for the past 25 years. He was very present among the employees and helps to maintain the traditional managing style. Green had the great knowledge source through his experience after employed by White Cap for many years.

White Cap general employees

Most of the employees had been working with the Whit Cap for long period of time. In 1985 it reported that 80% of the employees have been with the company for over 15 years. As a result, this had shown that the employees had a very strong royalty to the company through their family- culture working style.

The culture of the continental white cap. (Leo)

Organization culture: is a system of shared values and beliefs about what is important, what behaviours are appropriate and about feelings and relationships internally and externally. Value and cultures


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