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Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Group Llc.Analysis

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Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Group LLC.


Both Ford and Chrysler went through the recession of 2007, but only Chrysler had to receive TARP funding to survive it. Ford had started their change in 2006 and had already received additional funding for this change, but not from TARP. Whereas Chrysler did not start their change until they received their funds from TARP, and which the government owned part of the company until they paid it off. Ford had seen the need for change and made the changes with some loss during the year. The CEO had put out his vision of where Ford needed to be and how to do it. When Chrysler started their change during the recession, they had to make big changes. Chrysler and Daimler had separated from each other, and each keeping certain brands. That was the biggest part of the change during the depression.

The only pressure Ford had to change was during the process to complete the change. And because Ford had started the change process and had gotten loans prior to the depression, it helped the company stay out of the depression. While Chrysler was pressed for change due to the depression, they made informed decisions on which direction they wanted Chrysler to go. With the TARP funds, they were able to complete the change and improve on their products. ONE Ford (Ford, 2013b, p. 6) helped change how management and employees did things by making everybody a team member and giving them purpose. The management was pushing the changes and employees embraced those changes to make it successful. Chrysler changes were forced due to the depression, and everybody had to make changes whether they liked it or not. Management did make informed decision though, and had to enforce what they came up with.


Once Ford decided to change, they could control the internal part of it. It was the external factors they could not control. While other companies where in the depression and had to get TARP, Ford was okay. When the depression started, all car companies sales went down due to nobody having any money to buy. Chrysler had internal control as well, and no external control more than one way. Not only did they have no sales, but they also had to report to the government. While Chrysler was still paying on the TARP loan, the government owned part of Chrysler, where Ford was free and clear of the government. Ford's move to ONE Ford (Ford, 2013b, p. 6) was a decision that helped change the company. It helped to make their employees think as a team and not individuals, and it gave them purpose. When Chrysler split with Daimler, they had an Integrity Code. This Integrity Code is the guideline for the company and how it does business. Then in 2009, Chrysler updated the Integrity Code (Chrysler, 2013c) with new information that the CEO wanted in there. This change in the code made further small changes


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