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Strategic Corporate Plan for Ford Motor Company

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Strategic Corporate Plan for

Ford Motor Company

The following plan was written by Jessica Williams, Christina Cage, Charlie Durden, Melissa Evans. The plan is based on Land Rover, a division of Ford Motor Company. Each aspect of the plan is linked to corporate objectives. The plan includes corporate objectives, policy issues, positive and negative factors of the internal and external environment, windows of opportunity for internal and external clients, communication objectives and messages for internal and external audiences, communication priorities, strategic considerations, requirements for consultations, partnerships and negotiations, and performance indicators.

Background Statement

In January 2006, Ford Motor Company initiated the most essential restructuring of its history. The “Way Forward” plan is a comprehensive plan for restructuring and refortifying their automotive business in North America. The plan addresses some of the major issues that affect the corporation by being more customer focused, product driven and efficient.

Corporate Objectives

Ford Motor Company is a global, diverse family with a proud heritage, passionately committed to providing outstanding products and services. This goal is achieved by being customer focused, product driven and efficient. The following functional objectives flow from this mission:

• To maintain commitment to safety

• To respect the natural environment and help preserve it for future generations

• To maintain commitment to technological innovation

Policy Issues

• To decrease the number of safety recalls on all vehicles manufactured by Ford Motor Company

• To decrease the number of accidents among employees in the workplace

• To meet and exceed regulatory requirements for environmental protection

• To reduce greenhouse gas admissions by the 2008 model year

• To meet competitive environmental and safety technology issues facing the United States automobile industry

External Environment

Positive Factors

• The 2006 Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego were the world’s only large sedans to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “Top Safety Pick-Gold” rating

• Ford will offer four new vehicles for 2006 that run on a mixture of gas and ethanol to offset high gas prices and reduce impact on the environment and dependence on foreign oil

• A low cost


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