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The Following Future Trends Are ones I Believe Will Have an Impact upon the Business.

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Student Name: Priyanka Saikia

Student Number: 19658566

The following future trends (describe them) are ones I believe will have an impact upon the business because (describe their imagined impact):

Trend (explain it)

Impact (imagine it)

Reference details (‘prove’ it)



i) Community building potential.

ii) Social Innovation And Democracy

ii) Makerspace can be platforms that cultivate relationships & networks and act as a community hub for all the citizens of a region to connect globally.

ii) “Makerspaces are community-based workshops where people access the tools, skills and collaborators to design and make almost anything they wish. Makerspaces are also networked spaces for reflection and debate over design and making in society.”

i)Niaros, V. and Pantazis, A. (2019). Essay of the Day: The Emergence of Makerspaces in the Smart City | P2P Foundation. [online] P2P Foundation. Available at: [Accessed 22 Mar. 2019].

Smith, Adrian. "Social innovation, democracy and makerspaces." (2017). Retrieved on March 22 from



i) Start-ups through the help of makerspace.

ii) Student perception can form a preferred environment in order to help guide the physical design of Makerspace.

i)“At the end of the day, the idea is to support ‘ideas’, be it a startup’s or an enthusiast’s. “We need facilities for hardware (making). Successful or not, it is like an art form; it a human trying to express himself/herself to do something.” – Abdul Thameem

ii) A makerspace design according to the students of a particular institution can be a reason for the students to increase their visits to the library which will make the library more valuable place, affecting its survival positivity.

i) Vignesh, J. 2019. "How Makerspaces Are Helping Startups And A New Breed Of Entrepreneurs To Innovate New Products". The Economic Times. products/articleshow/58741461.cms.




i) Encouraging maker mindset in business organizations.

ii) Linux and Makerspace can strengthen the social fabric.

i) Capabilities of individuals working in an organization will be identified and further development will take place.

ii)A Makerspace knits together a community and its social fabric and that’s helpful to invite in people who otherwise marginalized themselves and thus linux is the most logical way for makerspace to weave together.

i) Deloitte. 2019. "A Movement In The Making". .

ii) "How Linux And Makerspaces Can Strengthen Our Social Fabric". 2019. Opensource.Com.



i) Artificial Intelligence to transform Higher education in significant ways.

ii) The rapid growth of esports.

i)AI can also provide a conversational interface with students, helping to answer common questions they have for administrators, such as “When is the first day of school?” or “How do I enroll in classes this quarter?” By building automated responses into telephone lines, web sites, virtual digital assistants, and other channels students use, AI can help institutions save time and trim costs.

ii)Exploring esports partnerships or potential by the Media companies, telcos and brands etc can lead to a successful game plan.

i) "5 Technologies That Will Help Colleges Meet Digital-Age Students’ Expectations - Ecampus News". 2019. Ecampus News.

ii) Kelly, Louise, and Louise Kelly. 2019. "A Whole New Ballgame: The Potential Of Esports In 2019 - Blog | Deloitte Australia". Blog | Deloitte Australia.


This list should contain multiple references for each of the four data types.  In order to show us you have read and understood the trends you discover please feel free to directly quote from them at this stage. However, by the time you write your storyline I expect everything will be in your own words-no quotes required.


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