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Future Trends in World

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• Topic Sentence: The flow of information in education will continue to be characterized by rapid growth because of the pace of information technology.

o According to Moore's Law technology is evolving at twice the rate of silicon chip technology

o New network appliances that will be introduced in the educational sphere will be inevitable, incredible, and invincible

• Topic Sentence: The combination of increasing bandwidth, robotic development, and mobile connectivity will lead to a global network environment - linking people, their economic, and educational activities.

o A good example of this illustration would be the just recent discovering and innovation of networked cars

o Networked cars might cause a trend in the educational sector around the world in order to create a uniform and global environment of automobile engineering

• Topic Sentence: Technology in the digital age will change and affect dramatically the ways we communicate information and knowledge both in the academic and non-academic sectors.

o Both students and teachers will need to have certain skills to function properly in the digital world since most of our day to day deliberation are moving more and more online

o In the future, learners, for example, students, will not have to depend on their memories since they can store information on their personal computers

• Topic Sentence: Information technology in the digital age provides us with new capabilities which in turn give us new choices for action.

o Again, autonomous cars, for example, will provide new possibilities for companies and institutions in the future

o Information technology will provide unusual access to knowledge and knowledge based services in the near future

o Information technology in the digital age has made web designing one of the most hottest and successful career job

• Topic Sentence: Despite its disruption, technology in the digital age has several benefits, which include digitization of the working environment and the ability to transfer information freely and quickly.

o The transfer of information freely and quickly give workers the flexibility and freedom to work whenever, however, and with whomever

o Swart revealed that it is cost-effective for companies to have online based jobs and statistics showed that the market is expected to grow to $5 Billion by 2018

o Workers will also have more time with their family as they no longer have to choose between work and spending more time with their children

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