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Identify Ralph Lauren Rugby’s Consumers and Predict the Future Trend in 2013a/w

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Identify Ralph Lauren Rugby’s consumers and predict the future trend in 2013A/W


As a sub-brand of Ralph Lauren, Rugby Ralph Lauren faced a huge challenge that its products are not as popular as expected. Thus, this report aims to analyze Rugby current situation and get a deep understanding of customers’ needs. This essay is divided into two parts to indicate the target demands and the future fashion trend of Rugby. Firstly, this article used the major segmentation variables which include geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation (Kotler, p.& Keller, K. L., 2012) to identify the consumer segments of Rugby. In addition, according to Maslow’s theory, this essay also explored the specific needs of Rugby consumers. Finally, this report used three factors which are color, textile and the look to forecast the fashion trends of Rugby in A/W 2013. Then, according to these three factors, the author putted toward personal recommend to integrate the trend of Rugby.


Since 2004, Ralph Lauren set up Rugby as a branch brand which provides a special collection for young men and women. Because Ralph Lauren lacked connection with young consumers, a more casual and suitable brand appeared. As Ralph Lauren said: “I’m not a fashion person, I’m anti-fashion.” So Rugby not only chases faddish trend but refine tradition and drive the update and continuation of fashion. It is known that the target customers are 18-25 year-old teenagers. Rugby uses a lot iconic logos, vintage patches and spirited crests to create a personal style. Furthermore, unlike Lacoste and Brooks Brothers, Rugby Ralph Lauren has the courage to apply lightly pink, moreover, Rugby also enhances the importance of suit cut. In addition, Ralph Lauren Rugby launched a virtual fitting stage system on its own website. Consumers can use this unique system to try a lot of clothes and walk on the T station like a model. This specific way helps brand get closer to costumers and understand what costumers want.

1.Identify consumers and their needs

1.1 The characteristics of target consumer

For companies, it is hard to satisfy all customers because market is large and diverse. But according to consumers’ characteristic demands and wants, they can divide consumer market into accurate segments. Thus, Rugby needs to clear its target and then serve them. In order to develop the best marketing strategy, managers need to understand what factors affect various segments of the uniqueness and different. Regardless of the basic of segmenting


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